Nissan Note Juke UNIVERSAL BLACK & RED PVC Leather Look Car Seat Covers Set New

Model: 00001461


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Front Seat covers with head and air bag pads
Rear seat cover for top part with zips for 50/50 or 60/40 split
Double Access points for rear seat belt buckle

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Wheels N Bits KS1512 Seat Cover in Black with Red Detail PVC Leather Style with studded Material for Air circulation. High quality material with colour coded stitching and high quality fitment as best we can make it on a universal fitment. IE Seat belt buckles. hear rest fitment design. air bags. zips to allow rear seat to fold. Quality of material. Full set of seat covers 5 head rest split rear seat covers. What do you get : Front Seat covers with head and air bag pads : Large opening on front seats to allow the cover to go over seat that the head rest don't remove from : Rear Seat cover top part with zips for 50-50 or 60-40 split : Double Access points for rear seat belt buckle. (Buckle must come out on lower part of the seat or between the top and bottom) : Rear Seat cover is colour coded and stitch is colour coded too : 3 Rear head rest covers : Fitting Clip for the seat covers Please Note: This is a universal set. We try to design our seat covers to fit as many car's as possible we cannot Guarantee this will fit Every Vehicle 100% (NOT OEM FIT) If you expect OEM Fitting Cover then you need to spend between £150-400 which we do offer. Not for under 40 Quid. The stretchable material allows the cover to fit onto 99% of cars with standard sized seats may not be suitable for sports or bucket style seats. Any item sent out side of the European Union will be marked as a gift. Any duty that may be due in your country is not included in the price of this product. Delivery times to Europe are around 15-20 days and to the rest of the work around 30 days but this does depend on cus. European Delivery: The mats will come in 1 pack and the seat cover will come in another these items may arrive on different days but will have been sent together. Any item that does clear cus may arrive open this is the cus not us who have opened the items.