Raquel logic booster L &L-EB01 Tokonatsu rack BOX

Model: 00070699


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(C) Project Luck amp Logic

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All 100 species randomly packed. Theorem. Messenger has appeared in the swimsuit again! Theorem '. also messengers on the rationality of see-I. appeared in a swimsuit is! In addition to prepared illustrations usually differs from rarity SP card! Also. to get a deck with the new attributes of this product only endless summer. all cards belongs to the existing world and Sept PIA. Strengthening of the deck so far! New attribute 'tropical' appearance! Attribute only booster tropical appearance! Creates the Tokonatsu deck a new power! All but 2 world! Every card belongs to the existing world and Sept PIA. Deck construction only this product is. of course. can also strengthen the deck ever! Special cards are gorgeous foil autographed! Raquel logic TV anime cast embossing randomly filled! Familiar box award is special! Two different abilities and different to those who bought the box as a bonus. now special gate card and swimsuit specification base gate cards. five among the total seven random. one sealed! [Type of card: no